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Machine Structures and Algorithms (CS61C) Course Staff

Course Tutor (Fa17), Lab Assistant (Su17)
Summer 2017 - Present
As a member of the course staff for CS61C I attended weekly administrative meetings and provided feedback on labs, projects, and homework assignments.

Regents' and Chancelllor's Society

Web Development Committee Coordinator (Fa16), Member
Fall 2015 - Present

Rosa Parks Elementary

Math Coach (Sp17), Student Teacher (Fa16)
Fall 2016 - Spring 2017
In the Fall of 2016, I was placed at Rosa Parks Environmental Magnet Elementary as a student teacher through the CalTeach program. That same semester, I was fortunate enough to be asked to assist in the development of a BUSD project called "Math Club"; Rosa Parks piloted this program which gave remedial instruction to students struggling in their core math classes. This program existed as part of the after school program and ran parallel to similar initiatives (Reading Club, Language Club for ESL students, etc.).

Berkeley High School

Student Teacher
Spring 2016
This is a description about the thing and here is what I do in the position I have. My responsibilities include doing things like the following. May also include awards or recognitions received in this position.